We’ve Moved!

After almost 30 years supporting breastfeeding mothers in Southern Maryland, I have moved to Williamsburg, VA.  It was incredibly hard for me to leave Milky Way, as I have enjoyed helping thousands of mothers and their new babies to achieve their breastfeeding goals.  I am still available for phone or SKYPE consults, but please try to access the other resources in the area which you can find under the SMBA tab.

It has been my privilege to work with you all over the years, and I hope that there will soon be another private practice lactation consultant available to mothers in Southern Maryland.

Happy Breastfeeding!


2020 Update: I am excited to announce that Laurel Cahill, IBCLC, is now serving Southern Maryland as a private practice lactation consultant! Please contact her at 410-703-5365 or somdlactation.com