Breastfeeding Assistance

Initial Consultation (approx. 90 mins)

An Initial Consultation includes reports to health care providers, a personalized care plan, and a week of follow-up phone care. The visit may include pre- and post-feed weights on a highly accurate digital scale to determine intake, evaluation of a feeding, hands-on assistance with latching issues, and demonstration of specialized techniques or feeding devices. The appointments can usually be scheduled within 24 to 48 hours. $135.

Twins Consultation (approx. 2 hours)

The Twins Consultation is the same as above with care plans and reports for each baby. $160.

Prenatal Consultation (approx. 1 hour)

A Prenatal Consultation is designed to address any concerns you have before the baby is born. It will help you prepare for breastfeeding and avoid common pitfalls. This visit includes reports to health care providers, as needed, and a personalized care plan. $60.

Follow-up Consultation (up to 1 hour)

A Follow-up Consultation addresses any on-going concerns after the initial week of care. This visit includes reports to health care providers. $60.

Weight Check (20 mins)

This short visit is appropriate if there are concerns about baby’s weight gain beyond the initial week of care. The baby will be weighed on a highly accurate digital scale, accurate to 2 grams. A Follow-up Consultation may be needed if weights are below expected. $25.

Phone Consultation (up to 30 mins)

Phone Consultations may be chosen to address issues and questions which don’t require an in-person evaluation. The lactation consultant will help you determine whether or not this is appropriate for your situation. $30.

Pump Consultation (30 mins)

The Pump Consultation is designed to help you learn to use your new breastpump. We can also trouble-shoot and check the suction on your pump to make sure it is working properly. $30.

Virtual Consultation (60 mins)

Skype or FaceTime virtual consultation.  Includes reports to physicians and a week of follow-up as needed.  Only appropriate in certain situations.  Contact LC to see if this is a possibility for you. $60


Becky Butler is a wonderful lactation consultant. She is very caring and gentle. Her broad range of knowledge is so helpful when questions or concerns arise. She loves helping us and our babies have a wonderful breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding is her passion and it shows! She feels like a “friend” every time we talk. I highly recommend anyone calling her should the need arise for lactation assistance.
—Eileen Thomas, Mother of 4