Breastfeeding Classes

Beginning Breastfeeding (2  hours)

This class is recommended for any woman who is considering breastfeeding. Participants are encouraged to bring a partner. Ideally, this class is taken in the 3rd trimester. The course will cover

  • Making the decision to breastfeed
  • Preparations
  • The first few days
  • Transitioning to being at home with your new baby
  • Baby’s intake–determining whether or not baby is getting enough
  • Establishing a milk supply
  • Possible challenges and how to cope
  • Becoming a breastfeeding family

Returning to Work and Breastfeeding (2 hours)

This course is recommended for mothers who are considering returning to work and would like to maintain the breastfeeding relationship. It is assumed that all participants will have already taken an introductory breastfeeding class and/or will be currently breastfeeding. Nurslings are welcome to attend. The course will cover

  • Timing your return to work
  • Preparing your family and your employer
  • Making decisions about pumps, bottles, nipples, etc.
  • Expressing and storing breastmilk
  • Dealing with the day-to-day challenges
  • Maintaining a milk supply
  • Alternatives to pumping and storing

Breastfeeding the Older Baby (2 hours)

This course is recommended for breastfeeding mothers who plan to continue breastfeeding after the first few months. Nurslings are welcome to attend. This course will cover

  • Breastfeeding during teething
  • How and when to start solid foods
  • Changes as baby grows
  • Breastfeeding and sleep
  • Breastfeeding and fertility
  • Weaning

Boosting Milk Production (2 hours) — New!

This course is recommended for mothers who have been breastfeeding for at least one month but are struggling to maintain milk production. It will also be very helpful for mothers who have returned to work and are having difficulty pumping enough milk. This course will cover

  • Techniques for increasing milk production
  • Tips for more successful pumping
  • Effects of varying schedules on lactation
  • A personalized plan for increasing and maintaining milk production

Special topics such as tandem nursing, nursing through pregnancy, and the breastfed baby with allergies can also be addressed according to the needs of individual participants.

Individual Classes in your home—$60